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Unhealthy MENtality


  • You isolate yourself
  • You have a hard time opening up
  • You don’t have healthy male friends
  • You often say you’re “good” or “fine”


  • You scorekeep in relationships
  • Everything needs to be equal
  • Focused on what others AREN’T doing
  • You get frustrated when you do “more than your share”


  • Others are always to blame
  • You don’t talk about your thoughts and feelings openly
  • You avoid making choices for your life
  • You often see yourself as a victim


  • You prioritize your comfort
  • You avoid doing hard things
  • You are a “nice guy”
  • You are obsessed with “solving problems”


  • People are either with you or against you.
  • You often get defensive
  • You push your beliefs on others
  • Disagreements make you uncomfortable



  • Replay events in your mind
  • Need to know what others are thinking
  • Have a hard time being in the moment
  • Worried about how others see you


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- Pete B

"Just before I started working with Eric, my wife told me that she didn't want to have sex with me because she was "disgusted" by me. I worked hard at implementing everything I learned with the support of Eric and the rest of the guys in the group and in 4 weeks my wife is flirting again, open, and at ease in our relationship and we're back to having sex!"

- Michael M

"Eric was able to help me identify what I wanted most out of my marriage and identified strategies that allowed me to work with my wife towards the desired outcome. He has continued to push me to become the best version of myself for my wife, my family, and my community. To say that he has dramatically improved my marriage and my life would be an understatement. I can't thank him enough for the positive impact he has had and I am excited to continue to work towards the ultimate marriage that I have envisioned."

- Paul H

"This program absolutely transformed me on a level that I hadn't thought possible. Not only did Eric's expertise and guidance - along with the shared experiences of the rest of the cohort - change something inside me that I thought wasn't possible. It changed the script in my head to match that of my heart. Through that, I've taken massive strides both personally and intimately with my wife. Cannot recommend this enough."

- Marcus R

"Eric's coaching embodies encouragement! His style pushes you to bring your best to your marriage! If you are looking to level up intimacy and communication, Eric will give you the tools to grow and the steps to implement! I look forward to every session, because I know I'll have a gem that is actionable the moment I walk away."

- Ben C

"Working with Eric was a breath of fresh air. You can really sense his empathetic mindset that is a result of having walked through a lot of his own crucibles in the past. The questions that he asked me were not only thought-provoking but relevant as well. Whether it was an hour-long conversation or a quick check-in, I always took something away that helped me. I really appreciate his approach to helping men, which seems more intuitive and genuine than it does clinical and scripted."

- Mike S

"My wife was at her wit's end with our marriage. I was down to my last chance before she was going to separate from me. We tried couples therapy twice. But it wasn't until I started working with Eric that I finally found some concrete actions I could take to make our marriage great again. I cannot thank Eric enough. If you're reading this, don't waste time looking around any longer. Start working with Eric ASAP. You will wish you had started sooner."

- Kevin G

“Eric has a unique ability to ask the right questions and lead you to YOUR truth. Prior to working together my marriage was at the mercy of my emotions. Up one minute, down the next, like a tug boat in the waves of a storm. After working with him, I have become the lighthouse. Steadfast, confident + strong. I am the rock for my wife and family. Life has never been better.”

- Jordan M

"After working with Eric, I realized the narrative I was making up about my marriage was preventing me and my wife from connecting emotionally and sexually. Now my marriage has reached new peaks I never thought possible, and I have the skills to create a deeper connection with my wife whenever I want. My wife and I are also learning new ways to connect sexually, and I’m confident the best years of our marriage are yet to come."

- Mischa T

"Before I joined Eric’s Mastermind, I thought my marriage was over after 22 years. My wife and I were not getting on very well and I felt miserable and lonely. I’m pretty sure we were both opting out of our relationship. I joined the mastermind thinking it would confirm to me that my marriage was over. I could not have been more wrong. Within the first week, I had a huge paradigm shift. I started really listening to my wife and giving her my full attention. To my huge surprise and both our delight we started reconnecting and now after only a few weeks, our relationship is getting stronger all the time. I consider it an incredible value as Eric has helped me save my marriage. I can’t put a price on that!!"