Hi! We're the MacDougalls


We have been together for longer than we've been apart (Kate was still in high school). Our life together seemed great when we were young. We were checking all the boxes! We graduated, bought a home, adopted a dog, and got married.

That's when everything changed. 

Suddenly, we started to learn things about each other that didn't seem relevant when we were distracted by friends and partying. Before we knew it, life had turned upside down. We had struggles with addiction, emotional abuse, and never saw each other due to being so focused on our careers.

Despite all of this, we decided to have kids (which did NOT make things easier). We fought daily...and we mean MAJOR FIGHTS! It felt like our marriage was a ticking time bomb. We went to counseling more times than we can count. Nothing seemed to work. Everyone was telling us to let it go..... To get a divorce.

Although it seemed like an easy way out, WE REFUSED! We made an agreement that divorce was not an option for us. We both had a lot of personal growth to do, whether we were in this relationship or not. We made a commitment to grow together.

It was a lot of work, but well worth it. After years of growing and learning about ourselves and each other, we feel happier, closer, and more in love than ever. We never thought this would be possible when we started this journey, and we are still learning every day right alongside you.

That's why we're here. We want to help couples who feel stuck like we once were. We believe every couple can find their spark again, as long as they are willing and have the courage to grow together. Thank you for being here and taking care of your most precious relationship!

Much love,
 Eric & Kate MacDougall